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Is There Opportunity For Career Advancement For Truck Drivers? Posted by ocmaillet | Jan. 25 2021

Is There Opportunity For Career Advancement For Truck Drivers?

Did you know that according to the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association, 90% of goods ordered online or in person are shipped by logistics systems and professional drivers? Also, 4000+ new professional drivers will be required within the Atlantic Provinces by 2025!

With these numbers it’s hard to ignore the fact that professional drivers are needed, and the opportunities for advancement are endless. Like any career, the more experience you have, the better your chances are for advancement. Trucking is no different. Taking any opportunity to grow, educate yourself and perfect your skills gets you one step closer to stepping into a career in truck driving you’ve always wanted.



Sharing your knowledge with those in your industry is a perfect opportunity for advancement. Not only do you have the chance to teach, but you are able to still be a part of and contributing to an industry that is important to you. Beginning as a mentor is a great first step to becoming an instructor/trainer; and being an educator within your field also doesn’t hurt to have on your resume!



Having success in trucking requires a lot of communication, from the owners, to management, to dispatch to the truck drivers. Working on these communication skills as well as continuously trying to learn and improve your skills, increases the chances of moving into a management or office role over time. Speak with your management team if you’re feeling like taking the proper steps to becoming a manager, dispatcher or administrative professional.


If you’re a thrill seeker, or you just love the idea of trying something new, there are higher risk jobs that force you to learn more about driving, and earn more as you go along. With a higher risk position, there is generally a requirement of additional training, some positions include, Ice Road Trucking, Hazmat Hauling and Oversize Load Hauling – just to name a few.



If you still love the idea of driving, but would like to be home more often and have a 9 to 5 schedule, there are a few driving positions that a former truck driver would certainly qualify for, with possible additional training.


  • Bus Driver
  • Local/Regional Delivery Driver
  • Taxi Driver

These particular positions allow for less time on the road, a “normal” schedule, and the possibility of having company while driving.

The trucking industry has a very unique work environment and its own set of challenges. Not unlike any other career, advancement takes time. While advancement for some may mean more money, for others it may mean a change in career and lifestyle. Whatever your definition of career advancement is, continuously gaining experience, asking questions and learning are a large part of getting the position you have always wanted.