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Useful Apps For Truck Drivers Posted by ocmaillet | Nov. 28 2020

Useful Apps For Truck Drivers

Traveling solo is a large part of being a truck driver. Where this is often a sought after part of the career, it can also be taxing mentally, physically, and emotionally. Self-care is important regardless of your profession and it’s requirements. Being as alert and attentive as this profession requires doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time to establish a routine. These apps should get you started on the road to self-care as a truck driver.


You have surely heard of Spotify, an app to stream music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. What is unique about this app, is that it will create playlists based on your current liked songs or podcasts and it will also make suggestions for your next listen. According to a study completed by Harvard Medical, music has been proven to reduce depression, chronic pain, and reduce stress. With Spotify, you can also download your playlists, podcasts, or audiobooks for use when you’re not in range of wifi.



It’s an undeniable fact that keeping in touch with those you love can boost your mood. Maintaining contact with your family/friends can leave you feeling like you’re not missing out, despite the length of your run. There are other options for video or audio chat. Zoom is of course an option, however, you’re limited to the amount of time you can spend talking without paying. Facebook also has a wonderful audio and video chat option in their messenger app. 




Iron Trucker Fitness
A major part of self-care is exercise. This free app includes a database of bodyweight exercises drivers can perform using their tractor-trailer, an exercise log, and a food journal. For each exercise, the app tells you what area of the body it works, how to perform the exercise, and provides a visual for it. Having this app as well as the log and food journal can help with creating and maintaining a routine to compliment your trucking lifestyle.








Finding time to relax and getting a good night’s sleep can be challenging when on the road. It’s important to establish a sleep schedule and try your best to stick to it. Headspace offers tools to improve mindfulness, decrease stress, and improve the sleep of its users. With a multitude of exercises and meditations, Headspace offers some of these services for free, but to gain access to the entire library, there is a fee. 



For the drivers who like to keep budget in mind, GasBuddy is an application that is fueled by crowd-sourced data. Check the price of gas at stations on your route, save money with notifications about pending gas price hikes at over 150,000 gas stations in North America and read up on reviews of certain gas stations to find the stop that best suits your needs. You can also enter daily draws for free gas and this app will tell you what stops have food and showers available! Gasbuddy is a free application. 

Gas Buddy






All drivers develop their own techniques to stay happy and healthy on the road. Developing a routine while on the road can be helpful in maintaining a healthy eating and sleep schedule, both of which are incredibly important in a career as a truck driver. Longevity in any career requires a dedication to a work-life balance, as well as a healthy lifestyle; this rings especially true for truck drivers. The above applications are just a few suggestions to get you started on the road to a safe and enjoyable career in truck driving.